talks & workshops I have given

Food & Words - Kitchen Table Talks

Wednesday, 20th February 2019
10am & 5:30pm


Barbara Sweeney of Food and Words was inspired by years of gravitating to the kitchen at parties and enjoying some of life’s most important conversations around the kitchen table (plus, the sipping on an infinitesimal number of cups of tea) and so has organised two cookbook authors, Tessa Kiros and Emiko Davies, who both live in Italy to join me at my table to talk food, books, cookery and photography.

Small gatherings of 10 to allow questions to be asked and answered.

Colour comforts

Saturday, 17th February 2017 from 1pm
Quilt NSW - Members only

A talk about how colour influences our everyday decisions and moods in subliminal ways. Colour is intrinsically linked to how we make sense of the world. The role that history and varying cultures play has an influence on individual colours and this will be demonstrated through images from my travels. 

We will also discuss the importance of placement and choice of hues so that they affect us in positive ways. 




In conversation: creative women

Saturday, 11th March 2017 from 9:30am-4pm
North Sydney Community Centre
$80 includes light lunch
Bookings via

A full day of talks with creative women. Last year I was interviewed by Caroline Lockhart (former editor of Vogue Entertaining, Gourmet Traveller, Qantas Magazine). This year I will interview Sally Campbell of Sally Campbell Textiles ( It's a day of exploring creativity and what makes inspirational women tick, collaboration, connections and how practice and personal values inform professional careers. 


Colour: a journey

Sunday, 19th March 2017 from 2-5pm
Limited number - small group
North Sydney Community Centre
$100 including a copy of Colour
Bookings via

This Colour Workshop is about making creative choices, finding your palette and gaining the confidence not to waiver from what feels just right to you. Your curiosity about colour will be fed with talk of harmony, companionship, tone, discord, cultural meanings, country colours and an important discussion on whether your sense of composition is learnt or instinctive. Lets have some fun together


Connecting with colour

Wednesday, 28th June 2017
Talk commences at 6pm
Stylistik, Shop M46, Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney
Bookings essential or 0413 060 006

Having started off in dress design, I've been a fashion editor for Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines, a freelance stylist and art director, founded The Film Business production company, the Russell Hotel, and Balmoral’s Bathers Pavilion and now spend my time writing and photographing books - The Bathers Pavilion CookbookOneColour and Real.

My career feels like a natural progression. I’ve followed my instincts as new and interesting paths have opened up and allowed me to use what I’ve learnt along the way. With application and focus one opportunity leads into another; determination and persistence count for much too.

This talk will encourage you to follow your heart, be prepared to take risks and express yourself individually and genuinely so you can achieve your dreams.