lets work together 


I'm more an atmosphere consultant than a formal designer who relies on plans and mood boards, although I do love both.  Wellbeing is at the core of my design approach. Fuelled by the belief that each room has its own intrinsic character I work instinctively, organically, towards a feeling of harmony between architecture, furniture, and artworks.    Should your priority for your home or project be comfort and a welcoming feel then we think similarly. 

I work with people who appreciate beauty in humble objects and want their space to be uniquely theirs; they're not the kind of places that have a 'the designer just left' or the latest trend look about them. Care is the key here and most often my jobs involve revitalising buildings of a tender age where thoughtful nurturing is needed and old becomes current again.  

By clearly defining your style and the materials that feel right for you together we avoid mistakes and build a cohesive creative process to give you the outcome you want. Good design adds meaning to the way we live and work. Along with form and function for an environment to move you it must be cohesive, but also have an element of surprise. The origin of things play an important role in achieving this. 

I like things that are honest and real. Known for my eclectic look, one that I've been told is distinctly mine - there's a "that's so you" thing about me that works for me but when working with you we find that same sense of you about you. Your place is all about you, not me. Those who live in a house must be able to find more of themselves than of my intervention. My role is to provide a source of inspiration. I am a sounding board that helps you arrive at an enduring collective of things you will love to live with for a long time. I hold your hand while selecting pieces that make up a personal mix because a house that contains no stamp of the people who live there is not a home.