VA Portrait, 2018.jpeg

Top: Taken in Oaxaca by LaVonne Carlson    
Bottom: Taken in Myanmar by Nevada Wier

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Born in Australia, a Sydney-sider, I should perhaps have become an anthropologist but instead studied Dress Design and spent my early working life as a Fashion Editor for Vogue and Cosmopolitan.  It was a natural step to then  become a freelance stylist and art director. Later I established The Film Business (a production company for making commercials), The Russell Hotel (Sydney's first small boutique hotel in The Rocks) and The Bathers Pavilion (a restaurant, cafe and a very special occasion room overlooking Balmoral's white sandy beach).

I'm the author of four books, and photographer for the last three: The Bathers Pavilion Cookbook, One, Colour, and Real and currently working on a fifth. 

Despite having worked for many years with imagery involving cameras, and people who were expert with them, it wasn’t until about six years ago that I bought my first serious camera, just before a trip to Iran - a Canon 5D Mark 11. I'm self taught and believe photography is one of the most fascinating things anyone can do. Just like painting it connects your hands to your heart and head. The human element, a celebration of the spirit within all of us (what the Dalai Lama calls 'the Big We'), available light, and the dignity in unguarded moments get me excited.

Using years of experience working with design and colour I consult to people wanting to make a home, somewhere comfortable that fits with who they are - the kind of people who want layers, texture and warmth added to their nests or projects. With an unwavering love for the worn, woven and grown I create eclectic mixes and am not afraid to add in some great modern design to spice things up.

Using vintage textiles and paper collected during my travels I also create one of a kind things, amongst these there's the occasional oil painting.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) with Drawing (Hons), have enjoyed being the President of a Montessori Pre-school, a Director of The Historic Houses Trust Foundation and a children’s guide at the Art Gallery of NSW.

March, 2019